Following the project GREAT (see here), HOROCH (in french for “Utilisation des HPC pour l’Optimisation des Radiocommunications des Objets Connectés proches de l’Homme” is devoted to the development of a high performance computation simulation tool aiming at optimizing the wireless body area network (WBAN). The purpose is to be able to evaluate the effects of the human body on electromagnetic waves propagation with high accuracy to optimize and improve the wearable technology.


This simulation tool is based upon the lastest research innovations in the electromagnetic simulation area. It embeds a Discontinuous Galerkin Time Domain solver (TETA) particularly powerful to study multi-scale systems, and highly optimized (OpenCL optimization on CPU and GPU) both for HPC clusters and classical work stations. The preprocessing is performed by a specific environment that allows construction of models combining geometric precision and electromagnetic constraints, in particular inside and close to the human body.


At the half of the project, we start the validation process and release this new simulation environment to our partners : Thales, Bodycap-medical (miniaturized sensors for the medical sector) and Cityzen Sciences (smart textile).

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