Technical knowledge management

Technical knowledge management - Kawa

Kawa is a conveyor of capitalization and sharing of technical and scientific knowledge

Capitalization of technical expertise backed up in dynamic and interactive notebooks

  • Engineering skills are saved in the famous user-friendly Python language
  • Documentation is easyly accessible and the related algorithm can be executed from an intuitive form
  • Automated sheet editing functionality allows a durable management of the knowledge by engineer team
Technical knowledge management - Kawa
Technical knowledge management - Kawa

Data processing by executing notebooks

  • Database feed with the generated data
  • Embedded documentation contributes to a clear understanding
  • Dynamic forms maximize your first steps with the software and controls your pre-processing data

Knowledge organization

  • Hierarchical organization of notebooks and data leads to a quick and easy access
  • Addition of metadata for an efficient indexation
  • Notebooks and data searchings by metadata
Kawa - Technical knowledge management
Kawa - Technical knowledge management

Sharing and sustainability of your knowledge

  • Version management to allow its durable management
  • Validation workflow to ensure the quality of data
  • Definition of sharing unity and publishing of content

Data visualization

  • Handled in any numerical formatting and from any origin
  • A wide set of plots adapted to data in 1D, 2D or 3D
  • A large variety of input/output formats to ease data access and interpretation
  • A powerful mechanism to explore multidimensional data
Kawa - Technical knowledge management

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