Technical knowledge management

Technical knowledge management - Kawa

Kawa is a conveyor of capitalization and sharing of technical and scientific knowledge

Capitalization of technical expertise gathered in dynamic and interactive notebooks

  • Engineering skills are saved in the famous user-friendly Python language
  • Documentation is easily accessible and the related algorithm can be executed from an intuitive form
  • Automated sheet editing functionality allows a durable management of the knowledge by engineer team
  • Sheets are sorted in a knowledge tree, to ease the access and the using of
    the desired one. Their organization can be customized following a business domain.
Technical knowledge management - Kawa
Technical knowledge management - Kawa

Data processing by executing notebooks

  • A full set of plots allowing a quick and easy analysis :
  • 1D curves: real and complex curves, polar views, histograms
  • 2D: mappings and contours renderings
  • 3D views: points, quivers, surfaces.
  • Data rendering in spreadsheet-like (even when they are multi-dimensional and/or huge)
  • Data physical natures (length, time, etc.) are automatically set to the correct values
  • Large variety of input/output formats are available to to ease data access andinterpretation
Technical knowledge management - Kawa

Optimize Knowledge organization

  • Kawa can perform computes from the knowledge tree
    organized as desired and can be used as a post-processing
    tool and as an engineering formula box
  • Easy process of existing data or generation of new ones
    thanks to a hierarchical organization
  • Metadata can be added for an efficient indexation facilitating
Kawa - Technical knowledge management
Kawa - Technical knowledge management

KAWA, with the CuToo platform, ensures an easy and durable sharing

  • A version management allows a lasting consistency
  • A validation workflow ensures the quality of data
  • The definition of sharing unity and publishing of content

KAWA is compatible with other tools

  • Data can be saved and re-opened in the open Amelet-HDF format.
  • Sheet editing functionality allows extensions to any kind of custom
  • Kawa can be used on any desktop computer (Microsoft Windows 7 and greater, Redhat 7 and greater, others GNU/Linux)
  • Interoperability with many processing tools like Excel (csv import and
    export) for further spreadsheet treatments, Matlab (HDF format), …
Kawa - Technical knowledge management

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