Aeronautics and space system manufacturers are currently facing several important changes that represent major challenges for the creation of new systems always lighter, more environmentally friendly (more electric electric) and still responding to functional requirements always more restrictive.

Technological disruption of new aircraft generation

Electromagnetic analysis for design, development and qualification of these new systems has taken a prominent place, technological changes under way are challenging some approaches established over previous generations of systems.

Among them, we can name:

  • less faradisation provided by the structures related to the massive use of composite materials (less conductive than aluminum)
  • increase of parasite levels due to a higher electrical power consumption
  • multiplication and complexification of antenna systems to be implanted on the structures, ….

AxesSim’s solutions support you to optimize EM design of aircrafts

Nowadays electromagnetic analysis uses massively numerical simulation to face these new challenges and to carry out the design and qualification processes of these new systems. AxesSim designs, develops and supplies electromagnetic simulation tools used in the aerospace sectors in both civil and defense domains.

They allow to apprehend efficiently and precisely the following issues:


Quantify the installed antennas performance to optimize their placement (AXS-AP) ;


Perform the decoupling analysis between several antennas and penetration into the system of the electromagnetic field radiated by antennas (AXS-AP, AXS-E3) ;


Understand and evaluate the effects of lightning and electromagnetic environments on systems to minimize risks (AXS-E3) ;


Design optimized cabling systems (i.e. minimum weight, …), complying with installation and routing rules and meeting electromagnetic performance constraints (AXS-HD) ;


Evaluate induced noise levels on wirings when they are installed in systems and subject to severe electromagnetic environments (AXS-E3).

Our solutions to optimize EM design of aircrafts

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