MaxSim is a friendly software tool for EMC analysis of complex large systems with a user-friendly and productive 3D interface. It is focused on creating electromagnetic scenes for computation with a FDTD method and is able to integrate between 3D modeling tools (CAD) and data analysis tools.

MaxSim handles existing geometric data from the industrial process

  • Import geometry from usual triangular mesh formats
  • Combine multiple data sources to compose a complex simulation scene
  • Structure the geometry according to the calculation objectives
  • Offer a mesh analysis tool set (connectivity of elements, …), solid to surface conversion, mesh hole repair

Adaptable to any FDTD code by configuring specific parameters (SDK)

Definition of electromagnetic parameters of the simulation and visualization in the 3D scene

  • Sources
  • Association of materials, splits, joints, … to different parts of the geometry
  • Definition and verification of simulation parameters: boundary conditions, time and frequency conditions, …
  • Definition of the quantities to be calculated and their geometric supports

Knowledge on meshes for the FDTD numerical computation

  • Simple and flexible configuration
  • Suitable for both small and very large grids (> 1 trillion of cells)
  • High performance generation of structured meshes in orthogonal hexahedra
  • Take benefits of hardware acceleration: multithreading, memory handling
  • Semi-automatic control to ensure meshes are meeting the expectations
    • Analysis and verification of electrical conditions / constraints
    • Mesh adjustment for specific applications
  • Management of mesh life cycle (comparison, …)

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