MaxSim is an efficient tool for EMC analysis of complex large systems with a user-friendly and productive 3D interface. It is focused on creating electromagnetic scenes for computation with a FDTD method and is able to integrate between 3D modeling tools (CAD) and data analysis tools.

MaxSim handles existing geometric data from the industrial process

  • Creation of electromagnetic scenes for computation thanks to the FDTD
  • Full definition of EM simulation parameters (materials, apertures, sources)
  • Complex simulation scenes are obtained after a performing combination of multiple data sources 
  • Easy geometry import and structuration from usual mesh formats according to calculation objectives
  • Offers a useful mesh analysis tool set like connectivity of elements.

MaxSim brings knowledge on meshes for the FDTD numerical computation

  • High performance generation of structured meshes in orthogonal hexahedra
  • Flexible configuration, suitable for small and very large grids
  • Management of mesh life cycle
  • Benefits of hardware acceleration and High 3D rendering capabilities
  • Semi-automatic control to ensure meshes are meeting the expectations

Analysis and modification of the FDTD Meshes

  • Cleaning of imperfect structured meshes
  • Local interactive modifications of the mesh
  • Tools to detect hypothetical flaws (duplicated elements, holes detection, …) and electrical connectivity (free edges and connection edges, thin wire
    boundaries, …)
  • Number of elements reduction

MaxSim grants an optimized definition of the simulation and visualization parameters 

  • Flexible geometry: association of models : materials, slots, gaskets,…
  • Advanced management of wire structures and related models
  • Definition and verification of simulation parameters : time and
    frequency conditions, stability criterion, …
  • Management of boundary conditions : Perfect or real ground, free space
    conditions (PML, ML, …), …
  • Sources : plane waves, local voltage or current generators, antenna models
  • Output requests :
    • Radiated outputs (Electric and magnetic fields, radiated power, …) on
      localized probes or on virtual supports or surfacic parts of the structure
    • Conducted outputs (voltage, currents, power, …) on localized probes or
      surfacic parts of the structure
    • Radiation patterns

A validation framework

MaxSim offers a validation framework based upon a rule engine philosophy, the engine logs information, warnings and errors detected before running the calculation.

A powerful HPC FDTD solver

TEMSI-FD is a complete, powerful and versatile FDTD solver validated on numerous studies and industrial applications providing a full set of models required for EMC applications.


  • Validated on numerous studies and industrial applications providing a full set of models required for EMC applications.
  • HPC compatible : Intensive computation with Open-MP and MPI parallelism, Single and double precision

 TEMSI-FD is a software developed by XLim.


– Data physical natures (length, time, etc.) are automatically set to the correct values.

Several useful tools are also available in the visualisation like :  

  • zoom
  • placement of cursors, labels and gauges
  • possibility from a data to do a multiple plot 1D.


The user will also be able to previsualize the results of the simulation in MaxSim (results in 1D / 2D) before doing any post treatment in our Kawa software.
Visualize your data with a full set of plots allowing a quick and easy analysis :

  • 1D curves: real and complex curves, polar views, histograms.
  • 2D: mappings and contours renderings.

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