CableSim is dedicated to the study of conducted emission, to electromagnetic compatibility and signal integrity of wiring harnesses from the design phase

CableSim allows to study and validate wiring harnesses

  • Conducted emission
  • Electromagnetic compatibility
  • Signal integrity
  • Display of results in an OK/KO matrix

Integration in the industrial process from the design phase

  • Can handle to large harnesses
  • Adapted to designer process from the first phases of elaboration
  • A data model like “physical harness”
  • Conversion from a CAD model using a simple XML format
  • Validation of the harness consistency

The harness analysis is realized

  • On table
  • Taking into account an installation model
  • With electrical terminations on the equipment side
  • In the frequency domain (a time domain simulator is to come)

Integration in the full wave 3D simulation process

  • Cable route path export
  • Integrated in CuToo for cabling network analysis in a real installation

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