Today defense systems must offer increasingly higher operational performance while ensuring an optimal level of reliability in ever more stringent electromagnetic environments. Developments which are underway for terrestrial, aeronautical or naval systems, require the use of numerous technologies and a very strong integration of communication, detection, localization, stealth, jamming…

The consequences of these developments have an impact on the design and the development process of new defense systems, in particular because it imposes a much stronger integration of the system and the equipment embedded. This requires a comprehensive design of the system and equipment embedding.
For example, antennas are more and more broadband and strongly integrated in the structure ; they are shared by several equipments and the adoption of the composite materials impacts the routing of wiring harnesses.

Therefore, engineering work heavily relies on numerical simulation to face these new challenges and carry out design and qualification processes for these new systems.

AxesSim designs, develops and supplies electromagnetic simulation tools used in the defense sector for both aeronautical, land and naval systems. They make it possible to apprehend efficiently and precisely the following issues:


Quantify the performance of installed antennas to optimize their placement (AXS-AP)


Perform the decoupling analysis between several antennas and the penetration into the system by the electromagnetic field radiated by the antennas (AXS-AP, AXS-E3)


Design optimized cabling systems (minimum weight, …), satisfying installation and routing rules and meeting the electromagnetic performance constraints (AXS-HD)


Understand, evaluate levels of interference induced in the systems and their wiring when installed in systems and when subject to severe electromagnetic environments specific to the defense systems (AXS-E3)

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