AxesSim offers a wide range of solutions tailored to the most stringent industry needs at every stage of products and development processes.
Our expertise in electromagnetic simulation covers many industrial sectors ; our products are able to meet the specific simulation needs of each innovative area.
Our special know-how and increased knowledge through our integrated and consistent suite of applications for industries and our tools built on a customizable architecture can be adapted to any process and design systems of either choice.
Select a solution to find out what AxesSim’s products can bring you.


AXS-AP is a complete and integrated environment evaluating performances of antennas installed on complex systems and calculation of decoupling between installed antennas.


AXS-E3 is ideal for evaluating interaction of electromagnetic environments with complex structures (composite materials, installed wiring harnesses, etc.) of large dimensions.


AXS-HD is dedicated to the study of conducted emission, electromagnetic compatibility and signal integrity of wiring harnesses from the design to certification / qualification phase of systems.


AXS-SAR  is an integrated simulation software that can directly calculate all types of specific absorption rate (SAR), including 1g and 10g average SAR, and whole-body SAR.

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