Digital revolution has impacted every industry ; high technology has completely changed practices of work and simplified processes, offering new perspectives for the development of innovative products and services using 5G, LTE, Bluetooth & WiFi technologies.

The IoT (Internet of Things) world

The growing consumer demand for smart and reliable products have propelled companies from the high-tech sector towards a constant seek to reduce energy consumption and to increase the performance of the devices. 

    A whole set of communicating objects (IoT) invade our daily environment (house, vehicle, workplace, streets …) strengthening the general electromagnetic environment.

      The 5G & mobility challenges

      Mobile electronics rely more and more on wireless communication systems for connection to the Internet and base stations.

      To provide a reliable connection, engineers must design secure, multi-standard communication systems like Bluetooth, WiFi, LTE, etc…

      In this context, 5G (that will connect billions of devices with data on-demand) will soon sweep through major world cities and promises to revolutionize our daily lives with a benefit from speed up to 10 times higher than 4G.

      The large number of mobile phones and the search of wider frequency bands illustrate how significant these new challenges are.

        AxesSim’s solutions help you to accelerate your wireless innovations and solve your EM design issues

        Electromagnetism plays an important role among these challenges and the use of digital modeling can be of great help. Virtual modeling of the devices makes it possible to optimize their operation : by modifying a parameter on the virtual model, we can control and predict the behavior of real equipments.

         AxesSim offers a consistent range of professional applications which allow to simulate performance of products and systems in a realistic way: 


        Quantify installed antennas performance to optimize their placement (AXS-AP);


        Perform the decoupling analysis between several antennas and the penetration into the system of the electromagnetic field radiated by the antennas (AXS-AP, AXS-E3)


        Directly calculate all types of specific absorption rate (SAR) : point SAR, 1g and 10g-average SAR and whole-body SAR (AXS-SAR)

        Our solutions to accelerate your 5G and IoT innovations

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