Licence policy

Licence types


Commercial Licences offers to users full capabilities version of the AxesSim’s software. Regular updates of the software as well as commercial material that will be available under the downloads page. Several License deployment categories are available for Professional Licences (see License deployment categories section)


AxesSim’s offers highly discounted licenses to Universities and other academic institutions.

Research Institutes Licence

This Licence grants the researcher with an unlimited functionality software version (features of the commercially available standard package), restricted for scientific research purposes at universities or academic institutes, with the commitment to cite in its publications (in peer reviewed journals and/or conference proceedings) the AxesSim’s software used to obtained the results.

Classroom Licence

It is ideal for anyone teaching courses in electromagnetic simulation. It is a limited version of AxesSim’s software, specially tailored for educational purposes in order to facilitate the understanding of Electromagnetics.

Academic package

Academic Package includes one commercial AxesSim’s software Floating/LAN license and free Classroom licenses for students. The Floating/LAN license permits anyone who is connected to the local area network (LAN) to use the full version of AxesSim simulation software. The LAN license option is explained in more detail in the section below.


It is a best way to evaluate an AxesSim’s simulation software for free. Easy to obtain, it grants to the user a one month usage right on a slightly restricted version of the software.

License deployment categories

Multiple seat floating (local area network), node-locked and dongle-locked of the AxesSim’s software are available for purchase or rental.



The Node-locked license option is ideal for a customer with one EM simulation engineer.

The licence will be locked to the machine where the AxesSim’s software is installed and allows usage by a single user.

Floating (LAN) option

The floating licence option is the perfect solution for a medium size to large enterprise, or for the single user that requires flexibility. It allows users connected to a local area network to check out a licence and use the AxesSim’s software on their local machine. Floating licences can also be used to run the AxesSim’s software a remote desktop connection.
By default, this option does not allow for concurrent usage, but additional seats may be added (at an additional cost) which will allow multiple users to check out licences and use the AxesSim’s software simultaneously.

Dongle-locked option

Where a persistent local area network connection to a licensing server cannot be guaranteed, but there is a requirement to shift the AxesSim’s software license between machines with ease, a Dongle-locked licence is available.

Such a licence is linked to a USB hardware device. While this device is plugged into a machine, the AxesSim’s software will be licensed.

Licence Acquisition types



Perpetual Licence offers to user a perpetual usage of AxesSim’s software and includes, for one year, updates and technical support.


Maintenance & support

M&S allows access, for one year, to latest updates, technical support.
AxesSim’s software licenses are updated automatically. New licenses are automatically retrieved over the internet. Thus the user never has to worry about license expiry as long as the license M&S is up to date.



If you have already purchased a node-locked licence with paid M&S, the licence can easily be upgraded to a floating licence at a reduced cost.
If you have already purchased a perpetual licence and you are not covered by maintenance and support, a node-locked licence can easily be moved to another machine at a reduced cost.



AxesSim’s software licence can be rented/leased on an annual basis. The rental cost is a percentage of the list price and includes maintenance and technical support as well as product updates for the duration of the rental period. The rental option is especially attractive to institutions where a fixed annual budget is allocated for research and development.

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