This use case presents an approach to take into account the propagation of EM waves by numerical simulation (Lightning strike of buildings, communication networks, military environments (IEMN, MFP, …)) in a sensitive building (hospitals, production plants of energy, military buildings, …).

When simulation means are considered in the construction or adaptation phases of buildings it is significant for the protection of people and equipment and the control of access to the means of communication in a building.
Through a few simple configurations developed in this use case, we will demonstrate the feasibility of simulating the propagation of EM waves in a building or set of buildings.

In particular, it will be demonstrated how to take into account the penetration of EM environments through openings (windows, doors, …) and its diffusion through the structure (concrete, reinforced concrete, wood, …).

AXS-E3 is a solution to define a suitable design / technical specifications of buildings face to functional specifications EM through:

  • BIM objects which are generalizing in the world of architecture and building construction, making available the required data for EM modeling of buildings.

  • Availability in AXS-E3 database of EM characteristics of materials.

  • Reduced computing resources (a few minutes of calculation for the above cases) needed to handle these simple configurations which allows the modeling of complete buildings.

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