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There is no good FD computations with poor quality mesh.
AxesSim offers a unique general mesh generation environment with a 3D graphical user interface for the finite differences in time domain method. 
From a triangle mesh, Nash® can generate uniform and non uniform structured grids of orthogonal cells.
Nash® scales smoothly from little grids to very large grids (at least up to billions elements on a classical PC).
Nash®‘s file format is the open format Amelet-HDF (


Nash specifications

Nash® comes with a user friendly GUI and the following capabilities:

  • Importing triangle meshes from major formats (STL, OFF, GMSH, UNV, Amelet-HDF, 3DXML, VRML)
  • Handling volumes, surfaces, lines and nodes
  • Management of the mesh generation process:
    • Process configuration (box strategy to optimize the computation time)
    • Execution of the mesh generation job
  • Number of elements reduction
  • Edition of the generated structured grid
    • 3D view capabilities (cut plane, bounding box, grid superimposition, object rendering customization, automatically focus on a desired element, etc.)
    • Interactive modification of the mesh from the 3D context (add, remove, move elements, group facilities, etc.)
    • Detection algorithms (free edges and connection edges, thin wire boundaries, duplicated elements, etc.)


Use Nash on any desktop computer

Nash® supports 64-bit systems:

  • Windows 7, 8 & 10
  • Linux Ubuntu 12.04, 14.04, 16.04 & CentOS 6.5

PDF documentation and example files

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