Electromagnetic analysis for design, development and qualification of ships is becoming increasingly significant because of technological changes under way that are reconsidering certain established approaches over previous generations such as the use of composite materials, the multiplication and complexification of antennal systems to be implanted on the structures.

In addition, as in many industries, the ability to accelerate turnaround times and reduce costs becomes a key success factor in the intense global competition. The use of simulation technologies to improve design efficiency and reduce physical test costs continues to be one of the best ways to solve marine engineering concerns.

AxesSim designs, develops and supplies electromagnetic simulation tools adapted to the maritime sector in both civil and defense domains. They make it possible to apprehend efficiently and precisely the following issues:


Quantify the performance of installed antennas to optimize their placement (AXS-AP)


Perform the decoupling analysis between several antennas and the penetration into the system by the electromagnetic field radiated by the antennas (AXS-AP, AXS-E3)


Understand and evaluate the effects of electromagnetic environments on systems to minimize risks (AXS-E3)

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