Amelet-HDF for Paraview

Paraview is a well known open-source 3D scientific visualization tool an edited by Kitware like VTK, its  core library. It provides a powerful cross-platform framework to visualize and analyze large datasets or meshes and is commonly used by the scientific community for many and varied domains like fuild-dynamics, climate modeling, seismic, electromagnetic propagation and so on.

With “Amelet-HDF for Paraview“, paraview users can import datasets and meshes in the Amelet-HDF format to build visualizations and analyze their electromagnetic data.

The “Amelet-HDF for Paraview” plugin handles the AmeletHDF part concerning:

  • Structured Meshes
  • Unstructured meshes
  • Tabulated Data
  • Data on mesh

The “Amelet-HDF for Paraview” plugin is open source and free for all, it can be downloaded from this link:


10g SAR average and Electromagnetic field into simplified human head (project HOROCH)


The “Amelet-HDF for Paraview” plugin is known to work with:

  • Paraview 4.0.1 (From Ubuntu 14.04 repository)

Basic installation for Ubuntu 14.04 :

The first thing to do is installing Paraview, which is a easy task on Ubuntu, just write the followning in a terminal:

sudo apt-get install paraview

Then, download the corresponding .deb file for your distribution (Ubuntu 14.04 only currently available), then open it with a double-click and install it, or open a terminal and type :

sudo dpkg -i amelethdfreader-paraview*.deb

Quick starting with the “Amelet-HDF for Paraview” plugin

Firstly, the plugin ameletHDFReader must be loaded in paraview. For this, just follow these steps:

  • Open plugin management window by going to the Tools / Manage Plugins
  • Click on Load New .. button
  • Select the file
  • Unfold ameletHDFReader and check the box Auto Load (in order to load this plugin in the start of ParaView)
  • Open an Amelet-HDF file (mesh, data on mesh or data)

The plugin manager of Paraview with the Amelet-HDF plugin


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