What is CuToo-FD ?

CuToo-FD is a comprehensive simulation platform for the electromagnetic field analysis of 3D structures. It is based upon a full-wave FDTD 3D electromagnetic simulation software for the solution of Maxwell’s equations, enabling user to solve a wide range of electromagnetic problems encountered in industries.

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Typical applications

  • Electromagnetic coupling and interference (EMC, EMI): EMC problems analysis : shielding effectiveness of enclosure, cable coupling analysis in complex environment (wiring in aircraft or car), radiation hazard analysis
  • Antenna placement: Analysis of antenna radiation pattern, radiation hazard zones with an antenna placed on a large structure (e.g. ship, aircraft…)
  • Bio-electromagnetics: Analysis of homogeneous or non-homogeneous bodies, SAR extraction
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CuToo-FD modules

CuToo-FD is composed of several powerful modules embedded in the open collaboration platform CuToo:

Components Description
 CuToo  Open collaboration platform for simulation data and process management
 Nash  Modeling and mesh generation environment for the finite differences methods
 TEMSI-FD  Versatile FDTD solver
 KaWa  Multi-dimensional data processing and visualization tool

FDTD Solver

TEMSI-FD is a complete, powerful and versatile FDTD solver (partnership with XLIM)

Multiple waveforms, voltage and current generators, plane waves injector and guide mode injection, dipolar sources network and lightning channel
Volume structures
ε, μ, σ, σ* anisotropic materials, electric and magnetic dispersive materials (Debye, Lorentz and multipole models), rough ground and heterogeneous fractal volumes...
Surface structures
Thin conductive plates (PEC, SIBC, BIBC), thin slot models…


Simple wires, sheathed and shielded cables, multi-conductor junctions, plate / conductor junctions, volume / conductor junctions, infinite conductors, linear losses (low frequency losses and skin effect)…
Linear dipolar and quadripolar circuits Z(ω), Spice hybridization (non linear effects)…
Boundary Conditions
CFS-PML, electric and magnetic walls, periodic conditions
HPC compatible
Intensive computation with Open-MP and MPI parallelism, Single and double precision


Validated on numerous studies and complex applications

Use CuToo on any desktop computer

CuToo® supports 64-bit systems:

  • Windows 7, 8 & 10
  • Linux

(If you specifically require 32-bit installation please contact us)