CuToo-FD is an essential software as for electromagnetic systems

CuToo-FD is dedicated to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) analysis and electromagnetic interference (EMI) analysis of systems

  • Shield efficiency
  • Emission and susceptibility
  • Specialization in the analysis of installed large cable networks (hardening against aeronautic lightning  & Internal CEM of new generation vehicles)

CuToo-FD is based on the reliable TEMSI-FD simulation engine

  • TEMSI-FD represents the state of art of the FDTD method developed by XLIM since over 20 years
  • Available versions for PC, workstations and for massively parallel architectures (OpenMP, MPI)

CuToo-FD relies on three components

  • CuToo for its scientific computing platform capabilities (collaborative work, computation resource management, project management)
  • MaxSim for CAD import and mesh generation
  • Kawa for post-processing and management of scientific knowledge

Access to many quantities in time and frequency domains

  • Calculation of SAR when biological tissue are exposed to electromagnetic fields
  • Radiation of equivalent models of antennas for antenna placement

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