CuToo – Open collaboration platform for simulation management

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Smart Collaboration Workspace

  • Collaboration: a tool that integrates distributed teams
  • Project Management: CuToo standardizes the best practices
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Confidence in the consistency of data and models

  • Capitalization Platform
    • Multi-criteria search engine: Search and Re-Use
    • Capitalization area: Retain and Re-Use Validated Data
    • Validation process via configurable Workflows
  • Quality assurance on data and models
    • History - List all actions performed by users on each object
    • Versioning - Assign unique version number to unique state of object or set of objects
    • Full traceability of objects life-cycle

Easy Connected Tools management

Modules (Connected Tools) are softwares (including commercial, open source, and custom codes) that could be used from CuToo platform with data and models managed by CuToo

  • Modules Management by CuToo: Capabitility to manage at the same time:Several versions of a module in the platform and Identification of the version of the module used for a simulation
  • A Fully on-line documented platform

Simulation Management

  • Remote Interactive session management: CuToo’s visualization features allow users to perform remote visualization in On-Premise Cloud
  • Batch Simulation Management
    • Management of simulation jobs: Queue management of simulations, Load balancing between several, …
    • Monitor Live Simulations: Verify Expected Performance, Access to your simulations and data from any computer of your On-Premise cloud

CuToo deployment and administration

Very high flexibility for the deployment on HW infrastructure and operating systems.

  • Deployed Securely and Efficiently into the Enterprise
  • Seamlessly Integrate with On-Premise HPC
  • Full Administrative Control
  • Role-Based Permissions


Open to new modules with the Software Development Kit (SDK)

The open architecture of CuToo permits to incorporate everyday work simulation tools, whether they are home-made, come from AxesSim or from another vendor.

An open data format : AMELET-HDF

  • Amelet-HDF : Specification to provide an open standard for recording and recovering computer data of electromagnetic simulations.
  • Specification, tutorials, help functions, … can be downloaded on
  • Capability to exchange full simulation composed of geometric models, EM models, Output requests, …

Easely Integrate new modules in your CuToo platform

  • Could be performed for any kind of modules
  • Customize CuToo with your own simulation tools (Commercial or home-made) and benefit CuToo services
  • Integration process is simple and driven by the Software Development Kit (SDK)